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Motorboat Insurance

Get a motorboat insurance quote from Ceta. The motorboat was a radical new design for shipping in the early 19th century; by combining the infamous screw propeller with a petrol engine, boats could now move even faster and were no longer reliant on the wind. As a result, the new powered boats needed a whole different range of insurance to suit all their unique features.

Looking for motorboat insurance can be dull compared to the thrill of being out on the water, but it’s good to know that you would be covered should the worst happen. We can give you a quick, quality quotation today for motorboats of all shapes and sizes, with instant cover just a couple of clicks away.


With greater power comes the added complications of moving more assuredly and this can inevitably lead to accidents injuring either you or another person who happened to be unfortunate enough to cross your path at the wrong moment. Our personal accident covers you if you should permanently injure yourself whilst on the boat.

Ceta also offers you liability insurance, up to £3 million; this is to compensate others if someone dies or is injured, or property is lost or damaged, as a result of your interest in the vessel.

Included within our motorboat insurance policy we can cover you for accidental loss or damage whilst the vessel is ashore or afloat, in commission this cover is provided for you or any person in control of the vessel with your permission, laid up out of commission and also whilst being lifted, hauled out or launched.

Loss or damage to personal effects is also included under your cover. This can be up to 2% of the sum insured of the vessel, minimum £500, maximum £2,500 unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

Just like the newfound muscle of the motorboat, Ceta powers you through our online quotation system so you can secure your motorboat insurance within minutes and we effectively display the results so you can make your executive decision instantly.

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